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In this, our second issue of Vandalia ONE, we celebrate some of the remarkable stories in our elementary and junior high schools. What happens here is foundational and profoundly shapes what happens in our community’s future. You’ll meet blossoming readers and learners, aspiring student-athletes, several remarkable teachers, specialists, and invaluable staff members, but most of all, what I think you’ll see, are good people helping one another to make the most of their time together.

From the Superintendent

As I find myself so often saying, we are a family here; we are better together, and nowhere will you find greater testament to that truth than in the stories of our students, faculty, and staff members.

Every day, as I meet with our team members, our students, and with members of our community, I see all kinds of people deeply committed to making Vandalia the best place it can be. I see hard work, I see team spirit, and I see people supporting each other in too many ways to count. These efforts fall to the bottom line in the wonderful story we all get to tell as a school community. Because we are ALL part of it. This is OUR school.


I hope you’re enjoying following along with some of our stories through the Vandalia ONE magazine and initiative, because each and every student, faculty, staff member, and alumni featured here represents a part of our larger story — the story of Vandal Pride.




Dr. Jennifer Garrison

We are a family here; we are better together.
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