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Lexi Tate

Stay Open

By Raphael Maurice

“She’s driven to be at the heart of the hospital, aiding others and attending to those in grave situations.”

For one Vandalia student, nursing is a calling, but she remains open to other paths.

Alexia (Lexi) Tate moved to Vandalia from Sandersville, Georgia when she was just five. It was a close-knit community, reminiscent of Vandalia, located just a few hours from Atlanta. And, in a sense, she has aspirations to keep moving. Lexi is planning to attend nursing school after leaving Vandalia. Following her training, she’s keen on working in an E.R. or trauma unit. She’s driven to be at the heart of the hospital, aiding others and attending to those in grave situations.

Lexi, a self-described “country girl,” hails from a family that enjoys riding side-by-sides and fishing together. At the start of high school, she admits being hesitant around new faces. Initially sticking to her family and a tight-knit group of friends, she eventually overcame this reserve. Now, as a senior, she feels she’s truly come into her own. “Now I’m...putting myself out there more and talking to new people.” Such courage is essential in the E.R.—a perpetual storm of unfamiliar faces and complex challenges. Lexi acknowledges, “I’m around more people all of the time.” She’s preparing for the unending stream of people who will one day rely on her in ways beyond measure. Yet, this country girl is no stranger to medical settings.

During high school, Lexi gained experience working at a hospital, registering E.R. patients and entering insurance data—clearly laying the groundwork for her future. She’s currently exploring local nursing colleges and is considering a return to Georgia when she’s set. Lexi’s approach is to take things “as they come,” not over-stressing or overplanning. This openness might be one of her most valuable assets in both nursing and life. Yet, she’s unambiguous about certain aspects.

Lexi misses Georgia—the sweet tea, the fried chicken, and, most notably, her family. Maybe one day she’ll build a house on a piece of land close to them. While her absence would be deeply felt in Vandalia, she’d undoubtedly be a blessing wherever she chooses to settle. She’s receptive, but also pragmatic.

A budding interest in computer programming has caught her attention, spanning from HTML to Python. She concedes it lacks the adrenaline spike of an E.R., but programming intrigues her. Web design, albeit “slower” than hospital hustle and bustle, captivates her. “I find it interesting,” Lexi shares, showing her versatile interests.

When posed with a hypothetical wish (only one granted), Lexi’s response was straightforward—money. It’s a genuine and wise answer. Money can facilitate education, cater to essential needs, or even fund a dream home on a desired piece of land. Lexi’s candidness is both refreshing and rational. She understands life’s demands—both monetary and temporal.

People like Lexi instill a sense of comfort in us, making us feel secure— whether that’s in everyday life or within an emergency room’s walls. No matter the path she ultimately embarks on, Lexi will excel in her chosen field. Whether she’s drawn to the high-stakes environment of a bustling hospital or the meticulous world of computer programming, her future is promising. The most challenging task we face is staying open to life’s possibilities, and Lexi has mastered this. She embodies the essence of staying open.

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