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A Letter From the Superintendent - May '24

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

“Our strength lies in our diversity and our shared commitment to excellence.”

Welcome to the Spring issue of Vandalia One Magazine! With the fresh start that spring always brings, we’re excited to share a collection of stories that spotlight and celebrate the diverse and dynamic individuals in our school community.

In this issue, we’re proud to feature a mix of faces from across the District—from our accomplished alumni making waves out in the world to the inspiring students who fill our classrooms today. You’ll get to know student-athletes, a pair of young Girl Scouts, a steadfast student-volunteer and an 8th-grader who’s already achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a published author, all of this, showcasing the incredible talent and potential within our student body. It all just makes me so proud of our community!

Also highlighted is a story that’s especially close to our hearts—a tribute to our school nurse—also an alumna, whose dedication has been a beacon of hope and resilience. Her unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of our students is something truly special, and we’re honored to share her journey with you. But there’s more inside these pages. You’ll find tales of innovation, leadership, and community spirit that are bound to inspire. Each article, each interview, is a testament to the vibrant life and spirit of the Vandalia Community, demonstrating that our strength lies in our diversity and our shared commitment to excellence.

As you flip through the issue, I hope you find pieces that resonate with you and perhaps even spark a bit of joy and pride in being part of this wonderful community. It’s the collective story of our students, staff, and alumni that weave the rich fabric of Vandalia One, and it’s a privilege to share them with you.

Here’s to a great read and a strong finish to the school year just ahead!

Dr. Jennifer Garrison
Superintendent, Vandalia Schools

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