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A Letter From the Superintendent - February '24

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

“I hope you’ll get involved or stay involved. As I often say, together we’re better.”

As the winter season continues to unfold, bringing with it a time of reflection and anticipation, it is my honor to present to you the latest issue of Vandalia ONE. This magazine is not just a collection of stories; it’s a vibrant mosaic of our school community’s heart and soul, capturing the essence of our shared educational journey and Vandal spirit.

In this Winter issue, we continue to celebrate the extraordinary people who make Vandalia Schools a place of growth and inspiration. In addition to remarkable members of our education team, you will meet several of our current students, each with a unique story to tell. These students exemplify resilience, ambition, and the quintessential Vandalia spirit. Their narratives offer a glimpse into the diverse postsecondary paths they are carving, from pursuing higher education to embarking on vocational endeavors. Their aspirations and plans reflect the rich tapestry of opportunities that Vandalia Schools nurtures.

We also spotlight a pair of Vandalia Community High School alumni who have written very different scripts, several decades apart, but who are both making meaningful impact in the respective worlds they professionally inhabit.

These stories, like all our Vandalia ONE stories, are a powerful reminder of how the lessons and values instilled within the walls of Vandalia Schools extend far into the lives of our students and alumni. They exemplify how our educational community acts as a springboard for future successes, both personally and professionally.

As we navigate what remains of the Winter months, filled with celebrations, academic and athletic milestones, and the promise of new beginnings, let’s continue to support and uplift each other. Your involvement, whether as a parent, educator, alumni, or community member, plays an integral role in the ongoing success and vitality of our school. I hope you’ll get involved or stay involved. As I often say, together we’re better.

Thank you for being a part of our story, for contributing to the legacy of Vandalia Schools, and for joining us in our commitment to remain #vandalstrong.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jennifer Garrison
Superintendent, Vandalia Schools

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