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About that postcard you received...

The idea behind Vandalia ONE is that we really are one community that all wants what's best for our kids. By working together from our various realms, as educators, community leaders, residents, and business people, we will be able to not only craft a better set of post-secondary options for our students when they leave Vandalia High School but, create better support for them while they're still in school.

And that's really the whole point of the program. The acronym, 'ONE,' stands for Own it, which means taking responsibility for our kids' outcomes, Name it, which means there is no hiding behind fancy labels or vague ideas, and Embrace it, which means we need all hands on deck, to bring about change. Own it, name it, and embrace it will become a battle cry for all in our community and our schools who want better for our kids, and for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work in whatever corner of the effort best suits.

We will be communicating through both digital channels and traditional channels, as we move forward. Still, to make sure you never miss an update, we encourage you to officially sign-up here. As we see it, if you live in the district, you're already on the Vandalia ONE team, but without signing up, there's no telling what you'll miss. We promise not to be pests!

Given the options for where we should first put our efforts, the steering committee focused on health and wellness and career readiness. We believe that these two important focal points are critical to the happiness and effectiveness of our children and that every Vandalia graduate should understand the importance of both.

Look for news about
Vandalia ONE
in your mailbox and, if you've signed up, in your email inbox over the coming year. 

Joey Daniken2.heic
Joey Daniken is an English Teacher at Vandalia
High School, as well as the sponsor for NHS,
the Travel Club, and Student Council.
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