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Eighth grader, Gabby Hoover, loves to solve problems. Her pastimes and interests all seem to focus around the theme of problem solving – at different levels and in a multitude of ways.

Gabby Hoover
A Balanced 

At the age of thirteen, math is her thing. She gains tremendous satisfaction from exploring the different ways for discovering answers to mathematical questions, and looks forward to working to solve some of the complex equations of her algebraic studies ahead.

Gabby spends much of her free time running track – a sport she’s pursued for three years. Her events are the 100M and the shot put, and, in the future, she definitely sees herself spending more time developing her athletic prowess further. In a manner of speaking, running a race and throwing the shot put could also be considered as finding the solution to a problem – how to win and achieve through physical feats and a disciplined pursuit.


Gabby also hopes to further expand her athletic interests by trying out for the volleyball team, a sport that will take center stage in the next couple of months, beginning with tryouts. Gabby loves solving yet another problem – helping to get the ball over the net. This balances the action on both sides, like how she balances equations in math class.


In Gabby’s dreams about future possibilities, she’s been inspired by a favorite uncle, a former police officer. Her ambitions are fueled by stories from her uncle and police shows she’s watched on television. In them, she imagines that she’s in on the action, and that she potentially solves another problem – crime. Through her work, one day, as a police officer, she’d love to work with a K-9 unit, accompanied by a dog, to help keep her community safe and protected. Born and raised in Vandalia, Gabby loves being part of this community and wants to become a part of making it even better. She appreciates how people work hard to keep the area clean and nice, so she wants to make her own contributions. If she had her druthers, just like in math class, Gabby would work to solve any problems that come up in her community so it can remain the special place she’s always known it to be.


Part of Gabby’s appreciation for Vandalia stems from her parents, in the way they inspire her through their everyday activities. Gabby’s mom always ensures she has a hot and healthy dinner. Her dad works hard at keeping up with their outdoor spaces. Not only is her community safe and clean, but so is her home space. She also loves spending time with her cousins and friends, and she values kindness in her companions. Gabby even thinks that may be the first word her friends would use to describe her: ‘kind.’


Ultimately, Gabby’s advice to her younger self, or to anyone, really, would be to ‘never give up.’ Those are the same words of encouragement her friends gave Gabby herself. When she started track in the sixth grade, she didn’t do as well as she wanted. But she kept trying. Gabby took comfort in their positive encouragement and discovered they were right. Now in her third year at track, she is making us proud by leaning into this positive advice, habitually, through her impressive perseverance and trademarked commitment to being a problem solver.


The race may be long, Gabby, but with your hard work and good mind, we’re confident you’ll solve any problems you encounter along the way.

Part of Gabby’s appreciation for Vandalia stems from her parents, in the way they inspire her through their everyday activities.
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